How Do I Take Responsibility For My Life?


Before reading this post please read my previous post about whether you actually want to change your life. Or watch its accompanying video below. If you don’t actually want to do the hard work of improving yourself then this post will not help you.

Full disclosure

This post is my own interpretation of the habit of being proactive, which is discussed in the book 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey.  I highly recommend this book – I’m working through it second time around and it’s really helping me improve my own life (among other things). I do not receive any commission from any sales of this book – I’m simply a fan of it.

Taking responsibility

Life is a series of choices. In any given moment we can choose our own response that best serves us. We don’t have to be a product of the negative things that happened to us.

How empowering is that!

I grew up very shy. That doesn’t mean I have to be shy now. I’ve been relatively skinny since I was a teenager. That doesn’t mean I can’t be big and muscular now.

We don’t have to ignore or deny the limiting things that happened to us in the past or are happening to us now. We can fully accept them as environmental conditions, but we can pursue whatever suits us best despite those things.

Think of it like the weather. Would you not go to school or work just because it’s raining outside? Of course not – you’d accept that the weather is a bit miserable, but you’d go anyway because that’s what serves you best.

So the first steps in self-improvement are as follows:

  1. Accept the past and current conditions of your life.
  2. Choose the actions, thoughts and behaviours that best serve your goals.

You have to take these steps before you can progress any further, so take your time with them. Once you take these steps a whole world of possibility opens up for you.

Watch my YouTube video on how to take responsibility for your life.

So – how are you going to take responsibility for your life? Let me know in the comments below.

In my next post I’ll be asking you the question “Why are you here?” The answer isn’t as obvious as you think, so stay tuned.

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Until next time – make it happen.

Andrew SVN

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