Do You Actually Want A Better Life?

Do you really want a better life?

Do you genuinely want a better life?

For many of you the answer is yes. But for a lot of you the answer is no. And that’s fine. Let’s look at the two reasons you might not, right now, actually want a better life.

You’re doing self-improvement at a time of crisis

You’re looking for a quick fix. You’re not mentally prepared to take the difficult long-term actions needed to create a better life.

You’re doing self-improvement because someone else told you to

You’ve been told by relatives, partners or therapists to improve your life. You’re not really doing it for yourself. Your motivation isn’t coming from within.

When I first engaged with self-improvement four years ago I wasn’t prepared to do it for the long-haul. I was in crisis and wanted a quick fix. It’s only in the last two years that my commitment has become more consistent. It’s only in the last six months that I realised how much time you have to devote to self-improvement to see lasting positive change.

Ask yourself two questions:

  • Are you willing to consistently take actions outside your comfort zone day in and day out?
  • Are you willing to dedicate yourself to self-improvement for years (not weeks or months)?

If you’re not ready to commit yourself to changing your life then that’s fine. You can learn bits and pieces to help you with immediate issues (e.g. breathing techniques to relieve anxiety). But accept that those isolated techniques will not drastically change your life for the better. Come back when you realise that there’s no alternative to the long-term approach.  As long as you think there’s a quick fix out there for you there’s no way you’ll commit to making the long-term changes that you need to make.

Watch my YouTube video on this topic.

So – do you actually want a better life? Let me know in the comments section below. If you found this post helpful then like it and share it with the people in your life.

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Until next time – make it happen.

Andrew SVN


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